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Business Groups & Brands

Just like you, we have some significant goals. Each day, our business groups maintain our leadership in the hotel industry, while focusing on the expansion of our company. With 148 locations, we plan on the development and investment of 77 new properties over the next seven years. From site hotel operations and asset management to site selection and project management, we offer opportunities in every area of the hotel business. Now is the time and place to unleash your drive.

Our Hospitality Management Division currently employs over 6,500 associates and is looking to add an additional 400 managers in the next five years. Our culture of empowerment and accountability drives a focus on continuous improvement and excellence in performance. The results are evident in market share premiums, industry-leading investment returns and guest satisfaction rankings in the top 25 percent of leading brand hotels across the nation.

Our Shared Services Division focuses on providing value added finance, reporting, and risk management services. We provide owners and management with timely, effective reporting. These services allow for effective monitoring, managing investments, and operating and development activities. We also enhance efficiency through our processes, concentrating specifically on cost reduction. We advocate management control and offer the flexibility demanded by the ever-changing industry and the needs of our business, owners and operating and development leaders.

Our Investments and Development Division has over 20 years of unparalleled expertise in hotel development. We continue to break ground as one of the fastest growing independent hospitality development companies in the country. Backed by a fully accountable operating culture and realized by a highly energized leadership team, our growth plans translate to opportunities for our strategic development partners.

Iconic Hotel Brands

The biggest names. The largest reputations. They’re all in your hands, and all in one place. At White Lodging, the extensive portfolio of hotels that we manage puts you in a unique position to find the right career to fit your goals. This way, as your ambition grows, so do your career options. It’s how we can ensure that you’ll have an unprecedented amount of opportunity, development and advancement throughout your entire career with us. All you have to do is bring your hunger for success.

Our portfolio of hotels include household names such as:

Iconic Restaurant Brands

Our Food & Beverage group handles some of the most renowned restaurant concepts in the business, both franchised and internally developed. These fast-paced, high-intensity dining establishments are your chance to work side-by-side with seasoned veterans in the business. You’ll learn and grow your talents, as we offer you a culture that remains on the cutting edge of restaurant performance. Our White Lodging developed concepts offer you the opportunity to express your creativity and be a part of the future of our concept restaurants. Our franchised restaurants are industry icons that offer training and experience in service and quality excellence.

Benefit from the experiences of renowned restaurants such as:

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